Meet the Team

Get to know the SASS(y) Executives for the Year 2020-2021. 


Katya is a third year joint Criminology and Psychology major. She also hopes to complete three forensics science and legal studies certificates. Apart from SASS, she is also the FASS Representative of the Criminology Student Association and part of the FASS Peer Mentorship Program. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in law or social work. Outside of academics, you can often find her watching a new show/movie or reading a book. She also enjoys photography and hiking.

VP Administration

Kayla is a third year World Literature major and Global Asia minor. Her experience working with SASS began in the Summer of 2019 helping to organize and run FASS Fest. Outside of SASS, she has been the VP of Operations for the WLLSU, and a Sponsorship Coordinator for SFU Variety for Tomorrow. You can often find her with a book in her hand (maybe even in a different language, she’s practicing), or on her laptop watching “Running Man”.

VP External Relations

Téah is a 4th-ish year French and Political Science student.  Before SASS, she volunteered at SFU through Health & Counselling Services events, as a Welcome Leader for the Exchange Buddy program, and for SFPIRG and Embark Sustainability, whose social and environmental justice work she is very passionate about. In her free time, you'll find her reading (likely in French), learning guitar, or exploring Vancouver's outdoor scenery and wonderful food scene. She also loves to travel, has undying nostalgia for her Exchange trip to France in her 3rd year and is an enthusiast of all things wine, cheese and chocolate.

VP Internal Relations

Kayla is a3rd year student of Sociology and Criminology joint major! Other than SASS, she is also involved with the Sociology & Anthropology Student Union (SASU) as the Council Representative. She is interested in to pursuing a career in law. Outside of class, she enjoy readings, listening to music and travelling. When on campus, you will find her either studying or watching Netflix at Starbucks.

VP Student Life

Hannah is a 2nd year Political Science Major and English Minor. She is considering to go into teaching… but nothing is set in stone. She started working with SASS in Spring 2020, and is also a FASS Peer Mentor and Senior Welcome Leader! Often you’ll find her with headphones in, listening to music or scrolling through Tik Tok. She also plays piano and loves to travel! Hannah would love to study abroad in the UK. 

JAymie Cristobal
VP Communications & Marketing

Jaymie is a 3rd year Psychology Major and intending to minor in Political Science. She first got involved with SASS through helping with organizing FASS on a Boat. She is a Research Assistant as well as a Peer Mentor and a Welcome Leader. She enjoys going biking and painting. Jaymie also loves reading books on her free time. 

zak thompson
VP Finance

Zak is currently a 2nd year Cognitive Science Major. He enjoys going biking and playing soccer. He started volunteering for SASS at the beginning of his first year and has helped with various events such as FASS Formal and FASS on a Boat.

Jeanifer DECENA
VP Academic Affairs

Jeanifer is a 3rd year Psychology major. She is studying Psychology to learn more about the inner workings of the human brain. With her study of the mind, she loves to discover new things about the world around her. She is a world traveler and has lived and worked in places like Jeddah. She has exquisite tastes in food and fashion. She is active in her community and at work.

VP Academic Affairs

Mughees is a 4th year Political Science student. He is also the FASS Representative for Political Science Student Union. Indulging in political rallies and working for human rights is some of the things that he likes to do. He is also interested in international law and wants to work for the International Criminal Court. Outside of the political world, Mughees loves long car rides and exploring new landscapes.

Council Representative

Simran is a 3rd year Criminology student. Apart from SASS, she is also a  member of the Punjabi Student Association (PSA). She enjoys meeting new people and working with teams. Some of her interests include hiking, exploring, shopping, and conspiracy theories. Feel free to message Simran whenever, as she would love being able to connect with her peers!

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